What’s Your Story?

FREEDOM CAFE,  Durham, NH, November 16, 2019 A night of storytelling and music in support of the Freedom Cafe’s mission to fight human trafficking.

A Music Benefit for GLOW

PINO’S CAFE, Highland Park, NJ, November 9, 2019  A great lineup of musical artists playing to support the Global and Learning Outside Walls program at Highland Park High School.

What’s Your Story?

VINNIE BRAND’S STRESS FACTORY COMEDY CLUB, New Brunswick, NJ, February 26, 2019 

What’s Your Story?

WHITECHAPEL PROJECTS, Long Branch, NJ, June 12, 2019

England Tour 2019 with the fantastic Bad Billy Band!

THE STANLEY ALE HOUSE, Lancing, March 18

THE BEER ENGINE, Southwick, March 19

THE BAR NEXT DOOR, Worthing, March 20. Check out No. 1 on this Top 10 list of open mics from Open Mic UK.

THE CASTLE ALE HOUSE, Worthing, March 23

Oyster River Womenade 

THOMPSON INN, Durham, NH, December 1st, 2018 (With Karen Larson, Pete Kowalski, John Dinger and Charlie Jennison). Oyster River Womenade helps provide assistance to local families in times of hardship.


Harvest Moon Music Festival

STONE CHURCH, Newmarket, NH, October 6th, 2018 (With Karen Larson, Pete Kowalski, and Charlie Jennison)

Harvest Moon 2018

The annual Harvest Moon Festival is held in support of Crossroads House of Portsmouth, NH. This year, it’s at Stone Church in Newmarket. A longtime fan of this festival, I’m proud to be part of the musical lineup on the outside stage.

STONE CHURCH, Newmarket, NH August 31, 2018 (With Karen Larson, Eben Hearn, Kent Allyn and Charlie Jennison)

Stone Church Poster

FREEDOM CAFE,  Durham, NH, June 6, 2018 (With Karen Larson and Pete Kowalski)

SUE’S SPACE,  Rollinsford, NH,  May 5, 2018  (With Karen Larson and Eben Hearn)