Kent Allyn

Kent AllynKent Allyn, who plays bass and keys on this project, is an in-demand accompanist and studio musician, as well as a key sideman for several groups and songwriters including Ben Baldwin & the Big Note (since 1976), Susie Burke & David Surette, Cosy Sheridan, Harvey Reid and Joyce Andersen, Cormac McCarthy, Sarah Bauhan and Julie Snow.  His bass, piano, and electric guitar work have been heard on recordings of the above musicians and others.  At Berwick Academy since 1989, he teaches private lessons on guitar, piano and electric bass.  When not involved in playing or teaching music he can be found in a recreational rowing shell or sailing a peapod on Pepperrell Cove in Kittery Point, Maine.  Kent says his only claim to fame is having had piano lessons with Steven Tyler’s grandmother, Constance “Mrs. T.” Tallarico.