Elise Sullivan & Christy Hegarty

Elise & Christy


Dave CampfireIf you’ve been browsing our website, you’ve already seen Elise Sullivan’s photos. A former biology professor at the University of New Hampshire, Elise only recently found her passion for photography – focusing on both nature and portraiture. Her work,  including a joint exhibit of photos and paintings with artist Christy Hegarty (photo above, bio below), has been exhibited at galleries and libraries across Seacoast New Hampshire. Over the past year, Sullivan has taken up the challenge of documenting the work of the musicians on this project at Thundering Sky Studios in South Berwick, Maine.



ArtworkChristy Hull Hegarty has created a wonderful cover for the new album. Pretty cool, huh? Inspired by color and light, Christy captures the beauty of life in Seacoast New Hampshire in bold and colorful oil paintings that balance realism and impressionism. Hegarty, who likes to work with a small palette and just a few brushes, is influenced by the work of Joaquin Sorolla, John Singer Sargent, and Lucian Freud. Christy’s passion for oils began while studying with Michael Teague in Bloomington, Indiana at the John Waldron Arts Center in 2004.  She continued her education in oil painting when she moved to the New Hampshire by studying with local artists Pamela Dulong Williams, Todd Bonita, Karen Blackwood and Chris Volpe.  She is a member of the New Hampshire Art Association. Click here to visit Christy’s art website and check out some of her work!